Superman Takes Vitamin D Thats Why He Is So Strong

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As we live in a country that has poor sunlight this time of year most people would never give it a second thought of the effects of having a lack of Vitamin D has on your overall health and wellbeing. Well  Vitamin D Can Turn You Into Superman Says Science, so why don’t we see more information about Vitamin D not just for helping with exercising but for your overall health as well.

Well read the rest of this article it may surprise you of what other benefits taking Vitamin D can do for your health and fitness.

“Vitamin D Can Turn You Into Superman Says Science

while simultaneously exhibiting lower signs of exertion. In layman’s terms, vitamin D helps you exercise harder without becoming more tired, or even more simply, vitamin D turns you into Superman.

Vitamin D, which is also a hormone, is used in such critical bodily functions as the formation of bones and teeth, and is necessary for the proper absorption of other nutrients, but it can be hard to get enough through diet alone. Luckily, most everyone enjoys some fun in the sun, which exposes skin to ultraviolet B rays and generates substantial amounts of vitamin D in the body.

But, once winter hits and sunlight dissipates, even more people fail to get an adequate amount of the critical vitamin. Understanding this conundrum, researchers from Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh, Scotland, sought to investigate the bodily mechanisms and subsequent health benefits people with vitamin D deficiencies were missing out on.


In the study, participants were matched by age and weight and given either 50 micrograms of vitamin D or a placebo each day over a period of two weeks. At the end of the two weeks, participants went through a series of tests, and those who took the supplement not only had lower blood-pressure levels but lower levels of “the stress hormone” cortisol, too.

The most surprising finding, though, was in a fitness test: Participants who had taken the vitamin D supplement were able to cycle, on average, 6.5km in 20 minutes, compared with just 5km before the two-week period had begun. Even more surprisingly, participants showed lower signs of physical exertion despite the increased distance, possibly because vitamin D lowers levels of cortisol, which causes the body’s arteries and blood vessels to narrow, restricting blood flow. Source here.”

Considering that vitamin D may play a role in preventing cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, depression, and weight gain, and the fact that a previous study found up to 40% of Americans don’t get enough.

One of the crazy things about this article is that i advise all my clients to take vitamin D and this is not because i ew of all the health benefits above, it was because i new the benefits to your skin and the benefits of lowering the stress hormone cortisol which can hamper weight loss goals. So if your not taking Vitamin D you should be. Dosage wise i take a 10000 iu a day over the winter and then drop it down to 5000 when the daylight gets better. More info on Vitamin D here. This is one of the reasons doing boot camps outside are really good for you are getting the natural sunlight.

I hope you found this of some interest, keep coming back for for info from Personal Training Edinburgh health tips

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